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You’ve discovered a treasure trove of Eric’s “greatest hits”—his most requested videos! You can watch Eric in action as he delivers his dynamic keynotes, plus get his insights into work ethic, the emerging generation and more.

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Eric Chester’s 4-Minute Video Preview

Audience Response
This is a 2 min. video clip of audience members and meeting planners giving feedback about the On Fire at Work presentations by internationally renowned keynote speaker, Eric Chester.

Employee Engagement is Not Enough
Discover why employee engagement expert, Eric Chester, wrote the new book On Fire at Work: How Great Companies Ignite Passion in their People Without Burning Them Out (Oct. 2015)

How to Motivate Millennials
Does every kid really need a trophy? Have you ever wondered what it takes to motivate young employees today?

The Entitlement Creed
Eric interviews employers and young adults to discover what they feel “entitled” to in the workplace… and the disconnect will surprise you.

Reviving Work Ethic
In less than 3 minutes, you’ll discover why Eric Chester’s book – Reviving Work Ethic – is a must read for every business owner, leader, and manager in America.

Mentorship is a Two-Way Street
Eric learned a lot from mentoring Harvard student and youth speaker, Josh Drean. This video reveals a little of that lesson.

On Fire at Work Book Trailer
See how Eric’s latest bestseller, On Fire at Work: How Great Companies Ignite Passion in Their People without Burning Them Out, is the only book on employee engagement and workplace culture you’ll ever need.

Millennials Hate By the Hour Pay
In his keynote to 1400 attendees, Eric shares why wage-per-hour compensation, by itself, no longer works as a way to pay millennials.

Preview Video
This short preview of employee engagement keynote speaker Eric Chester shows why he is the go-to presenter for franchise conventions, management conferences, and events.