Engaging the Disengaged

How Technical Education Can Prepare Students for Rewarding Careers

Eric Chester is a former high school CTE teacher/instructor and football coach turned motivational speaker for youth. Over the course of ten years, he helped millions of students at more than 1000 schools understand the significance of career goals and planning for success.

Since 2001, Eric has been presenting to employers who are feeling the effects of an emerging workforce that lacks the work ethic necessary to succeed. He knows their challenges, and he helps them recruit, train, manage, motivate and retain young workers. Eric is also the founder of the Center for Work Ethic Development , and is considered the leading authority on developing work ethic in teens and young adults.

Eric’s Engaging the Disengaged presentation provides solid, actionable ideas and tools for instilling the pride of a job well done. He shares key ideas educators can use to make their technical education programs more attractive to today’s students.

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“I cannot think of another presentation so well organized, prepared and delivered. I believe your content and delivery will have a lasting impact.”

— Lloyd Hill, Former Chairman and CEO, Applebee’s