On Fire at Work

How Great Companies Ignite Passion in Their People Without Burning Them Out

How do great companies attract top talent, encourage innovation, and instill a desire for excellence? That’s the question Eric Chester set out to answer.

By interviewing more than one hundred acclaimed C-level leaders across all industries, Eric discovered commonalities in how successful leaders create cultures of engagement. In this entertaining and content-rich multimedia presentation, he shares those discoveries with you.

You’ll discover the secrets and strategies that legendary companies use to:

  • Consistently attract top talent to their organizations with minimal recruiting
  • Engage employees so that they’re motivated to work harder, perform better, and provide outstanding service
  • Significantly reduce costly turnover and develop hourly young talent into long-term leaders
  • Create award-winning workplace cultures that generate priceless PR and brand awareness

Uplifting and inspiring, it’s impossible to experience this keynote without catching fire and igniting a passion for excellence in those around you!

Eric hit it out of the park at our convention… best keynote we have ever had at Gold’s Gym! Our franchisees were blown away with his passion and message… Great Job!”

— Tim Hicks, SVP/Franchising, Gold’s Gym